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The automotive sector is at the cusp of transformative change. We are currently in an era during which both electric vehicles to semi-autonomous/autonomous automotive technologies are on the rise. With these advancements come regulatory challenges. Skyline Capitol bridges the gap between innovation and policy, offering tailored strategies that drive growth while ensuring regulatory alignment. With us, you can harness our deep industry knowledge to navigate automotive legislation and regulation.

Big Tech

In the dynamic world of Big Tech, innovation meets regulation. We have the professional expertise to dive deep into the nuances of federal, state, and local tech policy. We guide tech companies through this maze—providing information, advocating for favorable policies, and helping them ensure compliance.


Navigating the complex terrain of national defense policies requires expertise and precision. At Skyline Capitol, we ensure our defense clients are not only aligned with the current security priorities but are also prepared for future challenges. Through rigorous risk assessments, strategic planning, and influential advocacy, we champion your initiatives, ensuring they resonate powerfully within the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.

State and Local Government

State and local concerns often require a national stage for effective resolution. We amplify the voices of state and local governments—and state and local government agencies—to ensure that their unique challenges are addressed at the federal level. By bridging local needs with national directives, Skyline Capitol crafts strategies that resonate both at home and in the heart of the nation.


We also have experience with a wide range of other transportation-related matters. Modern transportation encompasses more than just the movement of people and products—it is about sustainability, efficiency, and progress. Our services in this realm are holistic, ensuring transportation leaders are well-positioned in policy discussions and legislative outcomes. Whether it is infrastructure funding, regulatory compliance, or strategic foresight, Skyline Capitol propels your transportation initiatives forward.

Staff Members

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Clay White

VP, Government Relations