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About us

Skyline Capitol is a Leader in Government Affairs

Skyline Capitol was born from a passion for creating a bridge between the private sector and the halls of government. With a main office nestled in the heart of Washington, D.C., we are a boutique government affairs firm that stands out from the rest. Our team brings true industry expertise, real-world experience, and genuine value to the table for our clients. In a fast-paced political and regulatory environment, Skyline Capitol always stays at least one step ahead.

While our expertise spans various sectors and specialties, the heart and soul of Skyline Capitol lie in its team. A blend of seasoned political aficionados, industry experts, and strategic thinkers, each member brings a unique skill set, creating a synergy that drives unparalleled results. We put in the time and attention to detail to understand the unique needs of our clients. Our foundation is built upon trust—and it is a legacy we cherish and strive to uphold every day.

Contact Us Today to Set Up Your Confidential Consultation

At Skyline Capitol, we are proud to be at the forefront of government affairs. If you have any specific questions or concerns about what our team can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a fully confidential, no-commitment initial consultation. With an office in Washington, D.C., we have a nationwide reach.

Our Mission

Our story cannot be told without mentioning our strategic partnership with American Global Strategies. It is an alliance that not only enhances our capabilities but also broadens our perspective. American Global Strategies provides exemplary work—helping clients identify risks and seize opportunities when they arise. Our strategic alliance creates a potent mix of knowledge, resources, and expertise that we can use to better serve our clients. We have experience working with businesses, organizations, and entities in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Defense, where we ensure alignment with national objectives
  • Big Tech, leading the charge in a digital era,
  • Automotive, marrying innovation with compliance,
  • Transportation, redefining the future of connectivity, and
  • State and Local Government, giving a national voice to grassroots concerns.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on understanding the unique challenges and opportunities each sector presents, offering tailored strategies that resonate. At Skyline Capitol, we believe in a proactive, holistic approach. Indeed, it is not just about navigating current landscapes; it is about anticipating what's around the corner. A proactive approach is essential. We put a strong emphasis on the following:

  • Anticipation of Risk: Our government affairs team does more than just identify risks; we forecast the future. Our consonants are attuned to the subtle shifts in the political and legislative arenas, always ensuring our clients are prepared.
  • Crafting of Innovative Solutions Challenges are opportunities in disguise. With each client, we brainstorm, strategize, and mold solutions that don't just address concerns but turn them into advantages.
  • A Focus On Value-Driven Outcomes: Representation is just the beginning. From understanding federal budgets to shaping appropriations to any other matter of government affairs, it is our objective to maximize value for our clients at every opportunity.

Staff Members

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Clay White

VP, Government Relations